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Benefits of Play Therapy for Children

Children are delicate and need to be always handled with care. Many a time’s children face various emotional and mental health issues. It is important, we as adults and parents take utmost care in handling these issues of children and get them cured at early stages. Therefore it is important for us to identify these issues at early stages and get them cured. In this blog, we will discuss some of the early signs to identify emotional and mental health issues in children and also how they can be cured.

Signs to Identify Emotional and Mental health issues

· Child might have experienced some kind of trauma in recent past

· Child is feel sad and is having a depressed look

· They start getting angry very soon and are mostly irritated

· They don’t talk much and don’t interact with others

· Child keeps crying a lot for no reason

If you have ever faced such signs in your children, DO NOT ignore it. It is time you start observing them more and be more patient and friendly with your kids. Also, you should immediately contact specialist. Infact, we have observed depression and mental health issues cases have increases in Kansas in last few years. As per one of the sources, the percentage of depression cases among kids has more than doubled in last 3 years. Also, kids who have stopped doing their regular activities for two or more weeks in last 3 years have tripled. This is very alarming, as parents we should never ignore this among our children. We should immediately contact a Kansas registered play therapist for children.

Benefits of Play therapy for Children

· It will help children to express their emotions which otherwise they may not be able to express

· Play therapy will help in creative thinking and decision making among kids.

· It helps in emotional healing and growth

· It helps children to discover their natural inner resources for healing.

· It helps and encourages children to be confident and stay focussed.

· It helps children to make friends and understand the world they live in.

· A safe place to express their thoughts and feelings.

· It helps children to develop problem solving skills and self-esteem.

If you based in Kansas and looking for an experienced and registered play therapist in Wichita, Goddard, Maize and other nearby areas feel free to contact Heather Adkins Devereaux. Heather is a reputed and experienced Kansas play therapy specialist providing services to people of Maize, Goddard, Wichita and many other locations of Kansas. Heather graduated from Wichita State University. She did Masters in Social Work and a Minor in Women's Studies. Over the years, she has worked with children of various age groups and has helped them overcome emotional and mental health issues. She has also worked with hospice patients and families and has even provided in home family therapies and trauma therapies. Infact, she is also a reputed Trauma therapist Wichita ks. Heather is also certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which helps in desensitizing the past trauma. Feel free to contact Heather at 316-854-8575 or fill the contact form for call back.

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